Yamamoto Kogaku (formerly, Yamamoto Optical Lens Manufacturing Co.) was founded in 1911. They mainly produced dust protective glasses. In 1972, they launched original eyewear brand called “EYEVAN” with VAN Jacket Inc. (lead by Kensuke Ishizu). EYEVAN built a solid presence in eyewear industry as a Japanese eyewear brand that conveys their message to the world. All processes, planning, designing and manufacturing were done in Japan and started their first collection with 42 variations and 27 styles. EYEVAN was highly popular among the younger generation at the time.

In 1985, EYEVAN exhibited at Optic Fair West in Anaheim the USA and participated in the global expansion. The products of EYEVAN had a completion in design and quality, therefore, it was featured in the New York Times and had customers including Hollywood celebrities such as Madonna. Eyeglasses used to be just a tool of eye correction. However, it was a breakthrough that EYEVAN initiated the concept of “eyeglasses as a fashion item” and suggested to change into a different outfit according to circumstances like fashion. It is natural to say that eyeglasses are one of the fashion items now, and we realized their achievement again. EYEVAN drew attention not only to their completed products, but also to its futuristic promotions such as stylish brand books, playful give-away products and TV commercials. These had a great response and paid attentions with Japanese high technology from all over the world.

In May 2013, EYEVAN 7285 taking over the craftsmanship continuing from EYEVAN will be launching the first collection with 46 variations and 11 styles. In common with the time of the launch of EYEVAN, all processes, planning, designing and manufacturing are done in Japan. It will be sold at highly-selected eyewear stores and fashion boutiques in Japan and all over the world.