Lucas de Staël von Holstein, grandson to the russian painter Nicolas de Staël von Holstein, graduated from l’ENSCI Les ateliers, in 2003.

Born and raised in the French Countryside, Lucas grew up between the South of France Vineyards and the family castle and is now presenting himself as a frame designer. It’s within his workshop, located in Paris, that Lucas and his team develop and experiment in order to put out original products.

His creations result from a constant will to revisit the conventional industrial processes, aswell as the use of unexpected materials in his designs.

Thanks to his team, composed of fellow designers, stylists and engineers with whom he works in close collaboration, Lucas has been able to develop his own tools and methods, in order to propose truely unique frames.

Every single process of those creation are handled in the workshop, genuine laboratory where the goal is to transform matter into art, to experiment without restraints, in order to materialize the wildest dreams, into reality.