De Waterkant

Upon one’s first visit to this delightful shop stacked with its indulgent eye candy, you know without a doubt that you’ve stumbled upon a gem that giggles in the face of mediocrity. In today’s complex social markets, we’ve learned that the days of acquiring a service or product hodge podge is over and that we now perhaps unknowingly investing in the people or personalities that bring brands to life. And so too it is with the Oculus team. Consisting out of Six free-thinking professional individuals with different personalities, opinions and backgrounds these guys do not go unnoticed and project a sincere individuality. They have all come together to create a company whose foundation is built on, passion, enthusiasm, mutual trust and dedication for the service they deliver. In fact the Oculus team always exceeds one’s expectations.


Pieter Steyn

Johann Louw
Frame specialist

 Gregory Currie
Optical Dispencer

Nicholas Becker
  Frame Fundi

Thandeka Letyaba
    Optical Dispencer

Yolande Mulder
 Optical Dispencer